Integrations & Data Collection/Analysis

What digital marketing tools do you currently support?
We support all of your marketing tools. If your solution of choice isn’t featured yet, we’ll add it to our list of integrations. We will connect free of charge with any other marketing solution that lives in the cloud and provides API access. We currently support Mailchimp, Hubspot, Eloqua, Mautic, ActiveCampaign, Act-on, Pardot, Google Adwords and more.

Which data do you analyze?
We analyze any of your digital marketing data. We track your website traffic (via a custom tracking code) and collect the data from all of your marketing tools. IKUU automatically separates the gold from the dirt and gives you exactly the kind of information you need. Click here for an overview of the information you will receive.

How will IKUU impact the results of my marketing campaigns?
We not only provide your with information about the performance of your campaigns. We also compare the results of different campaigns and periods and assist you in the interpretation of these comparisons. This enables you to take the necessary actions to improve your results.


Do you offer campaign management?
Yes, we do! We can help you with any of your questions regarding your digital marketing activities. Whether you just started setting up your first campaign and looking for a sparring partner or dealing with a very specific issue: we can assist you. Request your free marketing analytics session here.


How much does IKUU cost?
Pricing of IKUU Reports is calculated on a monthly basis. IKUU Consulting is based on an hourly rate. Get in touch with us for more detailed information about our pricing.


Do I need to know a lot about digital marketing to use IKUU?
No. Our digital marketing analytics solutions are developed for marketers of all skill levels. We are here to help you gain actionable insights from your marketing data, regardless of how much assistance you require.

I don’t even know how many people are visiting my website. Where should I start?
There are several (costless) ways to gather basic information regarding your web traffic. Google Analytics, for example, is a free tool to check your the volume and behavior of your visitors. The data in Google Analytics, however, is not always 100 percent accurate and a correct interpretation of the provided data requires at least some basic knowledge about data analysis. Could you use some assistance in finding your way? Let us know! We’re here to help you out!

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