Digital marketing provides you with an almost unlimited amount of data. The biggest challenge for the modern marketer is to make sense of all this information. We are creating a platform that will allow you to explore all your relevant digital marketing data. IKUU Insights will enable you to discover trends and correlations in number of visitors, click rates, conversions, traffic journeys, visitor demographics, page rankings and more.

A deep dive into your data

IKUU Insights is your personal and interactive marketing intelligence dashboard. We enable you to take a deep dive into your data and to discover trends, effects and correlations. Zoom in on time frames, traffic sources and campaigns and compare the results. Click through graphs, charts and metrics and gain real understanding of the numbers behind your campaigns.

What to expect

  • Personal and interactive dashboard
  • All your digital marketing data combined
  • Real-time, in-depth insights
  • Your data clearly displayed in graphs and charts
  • Easily click through your metrics
  • Filter your data by period, campaign and medium
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