Say goodbye to messy Excel sheets, dull data exports and siloed insights. IKUU Reports provides a complete overview of your digital marketing activities. We integrate all your marketing platforms, combine the data and translate these into standardized reports about your efforts, progress and results.

We provide answers

Is my money and time spent effectively? Where should I focus my energy? Which leads are ready to follow-up and which still need some nurturing? IKUU provides answers to any of your questions regarding your digital marketing strategy. Let us help you fine-tune your campaigns, improve your results and save valuable resources!

What we do

  • We collect and combine your data;
  • visualize these in graphs & charts;
  • make them available via periodic reports;
  • and provide you with a complete overview and actionable insights.


IKUU Reports Standard IKUU Reports Plus

Integrated campaign performance

Integrated, overarching insights into the performance of your campaigns, including metrics such as overall number of clicks, conversions per medium, cost-per-conversion.

Website performance

How many prospects visited your website? Are they returning? What is the average amount of page views per visit?

E-mail performance

IKUU includes your email marketing information (including open rate and click rate) and compares the performance per mail sent.

Search engine advertising performance

What are the results of your Adwords and retargeting campaigns? Do your ads need improvement? Are your keywords well-aligned with your landing pages?

Social media performance

We connect your social media platforms and provide metrics such as number of clicks and conversion rate per sponsored advertisement.

Marketing automation performance

How do prospects react to your content? Which content is most popular? How did your individual content pieces influence your conversion rate?

Comparative insights

How do your current results compare to the results in previous periods? Which campaigns are most successful? Which media provide the best results?

Custom integrations

IKUU offers flexible support in case you have any special needs regarding the integration of custom made applications.

Custom designs

On request, we can adjust the design and/or layout of your reports to the format that fits your specific requirements.

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